Welcome to our independent test results page. We are often asked how can we know whether the products we’re selling are truly organic or low in contaminants, so we’ve decided to have every batch of every product tested independently. Here you will be able to clearly see the results for heavy metals and pesticide residues. Our Omega-3 product is also tested for its fatty acid profile (DHA/EPA content).

Products include Organic Turmeric capsules (both PLUS and ORIGINAL), Biofermented Turmeric Probiotic Liquid, Organic Turmeric Latte Mix, Organic Turmeric Loose Powder and Omega 3 Marine Algae capsules. Scroll down to view the results.

    Organic Turmeric Capsules PLUS

Organic Turmeric Capsules PLUSBatch #

Results PPM (parts per million)


Pesticide Residue: < 0.000013mg
Lead: 0.000793mg
Mercury: 0.000013mg
Aluminium: 0.572mg
Arsenic: 0.00013mg
Cadmium: 0.0000325mg
Barium: 0.0273mg


Pesticide Residue: less than 0.010 PPM
Lead: 0.12 PPM
Mercury: less than 0.010 PPM
Aluminium: 160 PPM
Arsenic: less than 0.10 PPM
Cadmium: 0.036 PPM
Barium: 5.4 PPM


    Organic Turmeric Capsules ORIGINAL

Organic Turmeric Capsules ORIGINALBatch #

Results (per 2 capsules)


Pesticide Residue: < 0.000014mg
Lead: 0.000063mg
Mercury: < 0.000014mg
Aluminium: 0.21mg
Arsenic: < 0.00014mg
Cadmium: 0.0000063mg
Barium: 0.00868mg


    Biofermented Turmeric Probiotic Liquid

Biofermented Turmeric LiquidBatch #

Results (per 15mls)


Pesticide Residue: < 0.000015mg
Lead: 0.00054mg
Mercury: < 0.00015mg
Aluminium: 0.024mg
Arsenic: < 0.0015mg
Cadmium: < 0.000075mg
Barium: 0.0021mg


    Organic Turmeric Latte Mix

Organic Turmeric Latte MixBatch #

Results (per 5g serving)


Pesticide Residue: < 0.00005mg
Lead: 0.00435mg
Mercury: < 0.00005mg
Aluminium: 0.7mg
Arsenic: < 0.0005mg
Cadmium: < 0.000215mg
Barium: 0.115mg


    Organic Turmeric Loose Powder

Organic Turmeric Loose PowderBatch #

Results (per 5g serving)


Pesticide Residue: < 0.00005mg
Lead: 0.00013mg
Mercury: < 0.00005mg
Aluminium: 0.6mg
Arsenic: < 0.0005mg
Cadmium: < 0.0001mg
Barium: 0.014mg


    Omega 3 Marine Algae capsules

Omega 3 Marine Algae capsulesBatch #


1135 (current batch)

Mercury: less than 0.010 PPM
p-Anisidine: 11.3
Peroxide Value: 5.1 meq/kg
DHA: 49.2%
EPA: 20.4%